Industry Competence

It is often not possible to depict complex processes in the chemical industry for production planning using a standard implementation of SAP ERP alone. A software add-on exists for SAP ERP for the depiction of chemical specifics that does not add a second environment and infrastructure but that operates solely with SAP ERP data and is installed as a rich client: ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench.

ORSOFT has been working for companies in the chemical industry since the company was established in 1990. ORSOFT is a member of the SAP Industry Value Network for Chemicals and SAP Industry Value Network for Consumer Products, has an advanced planning and scheduling solution that has been certified as an SAP-endorsed business solution and provides the "Advance Planning Boards" for SAP within the frameworks of Best Practice Solution for Chemicals and Best Practice Solution for Pharmaceuticals.

The chemical industry package supplements SAP ERP with the following add-ons:

Model add-ons (Specifics for chemical production models)
such as planning with parameters, modelling of tanks and reactors, campaigns, manufacturer relationships, integration of quality laboratories into the planning process

Functional add-ons
such as specific planning algorithms, campaign handling, semi-continuous production, linear optimisation, dynamic setup time calculation, automatic production of cleaning orders, shelf life planning function, multi-product campaign planning

and specialist depiction/ visualisation of situations
such as ATP information, different ranges, formula validity, tank levels.

This means the following are achieved, especially for the chemical industry

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