Business Processes

Simultaneous material planning and capacity planning
Existing processes in SAP ERP are supplemented or overridden with the ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench software add-on for SAP ERP. This enables exact and reliable planning for all chemical processes. The contents of the solutions are always simultaneous material and capacity planning that override or supplement the MRP run in SAP ERP.

Dynamic Flow Chart Simulation
ORSOFT Dynamic Flow Chart Simulation is a solution for the computer-assisted simulation of separation processes and material conversions with continuous material and energy flows in the process systems engineering. The solution is used for the modeling and the optimization of chemical and petrochemical plants as well as of biochemical and metallurgical processes. The Dynamic Flow charts Simulation also bears the capability of calculating thermo-dynamic phase equilibria, circle processes and thermal power stations.
The ORSOFT solution focuses on plant layout, plant operations and production planning. As distinct from common software for flow chart simulation, the ORSOFT solution operates on the basis of SAP ERP data for materials, recipes, resources etc. and is fully integrated with the SAP ERP system and SAP objects. Thus, the ORSOFT solution always operates on the most recent data of the leading system, permanent maintenance of the data model is obsolete.
ORSOFT Dynamic Flow Charts Simulation provides a wide scope of procedural base operations. Supported processes are:

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Batch processing in multi-purpose chemical systems
Specifics of batch processing are depicted in a comprehensive, logistical production model, including batch related information on stock, order and batch object levels. Restrictions such as minimum and maximum batch sizes, dynamic setup times and buffers are taken into account.

Batch processing

Continuous and semi-continuous processes
Lead time booking, the control of continuous systems by using throughputs, following materials flows to linear optimisation of the system assignment are easily added to the SAP ERP system using ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench.

Continuous processes

Tank and silo planning
In tank planning stock levels are depicted during filling and emptying, capacity and filling level are treated simultaneously, standing and cleaning times are taken into account and anticipatory maintenance (‘level of soiling’) is enabled. It is also possible to observe quantity, temperature-dependent density and volume at the same time. This is all carried out on the basis of models depicted in SAP ERP.

Multi-product campaigns and multi-stage dynamic pegging
ORSOFT Manufacturing Workbench can be used to combine logistically dependent objects into campaigns and viewed by the user as a campaign during scheduling and re- scheduling. With multi-step and multi-product planning functionalities it is possible to split campaigns and to adjust quantities between different production steps.

Multi-product campaigns

Shelf life
Some chemical processes are characterised by the temporary usability of the materials and products (adhesives, pharmaceutical and products close to foodstuffs). The limited lifespans are taken into account in both planning and reporting. This allows, for example, the early identification of batches close to expiry. More informations

Mix calculation and mix optimisation
Different qualities of available batches can be taken into account in mix calculations and mix optimisation in such a way that the sufficient quality is always used when stock lists are created for the target products (rather than unnecessarily higher qualities), that ‘residue batches’ are completely utilized in order to be able to use storage space flexibly again, that transport limitations are taken into account (pipelines, wheel bearings that can only transport a certain number of batches) and that the overall production margin will be maximised.

Quality control
Quality control is an essential element in the calculation of lead times. ORSOFT solutions often serve in this area as a ‘cross application’ between SAP PP-PI, SAP QM and any third party systems. Laboratory and production planning are integrated with it and target release dates for tests are updated automatically. The combination of tests also enables longer term laboratory planning.

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